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Every project has an original idea and I offer free consultation in order to bring your ideas into production.  We recognize your vision and your story.  Research is done to your brand, business, style, music, event, and product.  We collaborate and develop the final outcome of the video/photograph that is feasible.  You will be informed through out the progress of the project until it is completed.


I approach each project as a Filmmaker that includes concept development, pre-production, planning, and creative post production. Depending on the video production I am the sole Videographer or a crew is hired for the project.

Music videos

Lets talk about the budget and ideas to make it happen.   Film at locations, post production, and a teaser promo video.  Final

cut delivered by file. 

Marketing Visual

It is all about the style and look in creating a marketing visual.  What is your story?  What do you want to convey?  Contact me with details and lets brainstorm.



Depending how big or small the project is, 7 on it productions acquires trained crews for the task.


hassan asuncion

Hassan Asuncion is a trained Cinematographer for 7 on it productions.  He too has the passion for making motion pictures and taking photographs.  Hassan is a film buff and he knows his stuff.  He too is a scriptwriter.

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