Love Story/Engagement Film starting at $350.00

Wedding Feature starting at $800.00

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I would like to collaborate and create your wedding film.  I do not want to just make a video, I would like to tell your story.

It would take 2 video productions.

#1. Telling your love story/wedding engagement film.  I would film the two of you together at a location, just like you were going on a date.  If you have a special place that would be the spot as well.  I would record your voices as you tell your love story.   It can be a poem, a funny story, a special moment etc...  The voice over would be added to the visual like a narration. 

#2. Your wedding day.  I would film your wedding day and film the key moments.  Every wedding day is unique and original and those are the moments we will capture.


Post production is where the visual story is put together.  The final outcome will represent and compliment you and your wedding day.  


This is a concept in story telling and how I would create your wedding story.  If you are interested with my service and you have ideas in telling your story, please contact me.


The completed film will be at it's highest quality on a Blu-ray disc.

Anita and Slim Screen Shot 1.jpg
Anita and Slim Screen Shot 3.jpg

Screen shots of pre-engagement video. Location is a favourite spot of the couple.  A simple concept walking through the forest and enjoying an intimate time with each other. 



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