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dale "7 on it" villajuan


I am the creative director for 7 On It Productions, filmmaker and freelance Videographer .  I attended Emily Carr University + Design and I am self taught.  I multi-switch my career as an Outreach Worker and Visual Artist.  I love to make videos and take photographs.  I have worked on projects independently or depending on the size of the project with a crew, directed music videos, and corporate projects.  I have the flare for collaborating, telling stories, and creating something unique.  When it comes to creating projects it is all about quality, having fun, and professionalism.  

On my time off I love road trips and travelling.  My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Grand Budapest Hotel.  Chocolates are my weakness, Salvador Dali is what inspired me to become an artist, and I am a perfectionist.  I love all kinds of music and one word that describes me is mellow.
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